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For Kelly Eggers, owner of Windmill Ceiling Fans, the need to cool her gorgeous vaulted ceilings with more than a plain fan became a family objective to handcraft a beautiful windmill ceiling fan that moves air. They are built-to-order, using aluminum as the primary material that has unrivaled strength and allows for a one-of-a-kind look through some of the most desirable custom finishes.

Imagine that you have a perfectly designed and decorated home, from the furniture to the tiniest of accent pieces. All that’s missing is a windmill ceiling fan to make everything pop. But rather than pour over countless online catalogs or search store shelves for something that might match, you have the option to customize your fan’s look from scratch.  Each piece is a work of art and fits well with any decor – farmhouse, rustic, modern and industrial.

Maybe it’s a turquoise finish for the blades and a thin matte black line to define the tips.

Oooh, but a weathered barn metal look might be great on the patio! Now that would really speak to your style.

What you deserve is a fan that’s unique to your family’s style and traditions. That’s what makes a custom finish option for windmill ceiling fans so awesome! And we offer that every day at The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company.

Imagine a windmill ceiling fan that checks all of these boxes:

  • Personable and unique — no two fans are alike
  • Match fixtures and furniture with ease
  • Designed to fit the size and space of your home
  • Unrivaled strength and quality craftsmanship — Not only do you have control over the design of the fan but there is more attention to detail in both the hand crafting of the fan and in the assembly by hand.
  • Made in Texas