Hope Glynn thinks her Mexican rescue is the best dog ever

Hope Glynn is a California mom with a remarkable career in the equestrian industry as a hunter/ jumper professional, ‘R’ judge, and horse- and farm-insurance agent. She started riding at the age of 4, and after co-running a successful training and showing farm, she now focuses on running Hope LLC, a horse sales operation, and coaching her daughter, Avery, who is following in her mother’s footsteps. Hope is passionate about the equestrian industry and gives clinics to promote better horsemanship, riding, and training.

Hope Glynn, her daughter Avery, and Waffle.

Having a dog in my life since birth has been a true blessing. I often thought that those who were raised without a pet were missing out on an essential aspect of life. With a dog by my side, I always had a loyal friend to play with, visit the farm with, and greet me with joy at the beginning and end of each day. Regardless of socioeconomic status, a dog can help lift our spirits during tough times. Throughout my life, my dogs have never failed to be there for me, wagging their tails, bringing delight and happiness to my days.

With few exceptions, I’ve always had rescue dogs. Living in the countryside, we often encountered stray dogs needing a loving home, and I’ve come to appreciate their many benefits. In my experience, rescue dogs are generally healthier, more grateful, and easier to train than other dogs. However, after losing our beloved dog to cancer, I recently turned to Cece Bloum’s Thrive Animal Rescue, whose work I admired, for a new companion for my daughter, Avery, and me.

Cece told me about a female dog with a litter of puppies in Mexico, and I trusted her to select the best puppy for us. We decided to drive down to pick up our new addition, Waffle, but we also wanted to help other dogs in need, so we offered to transport any that needed a ride back to Northern California. With the overwhelming response, we rented a minivan and set up crates for eight dogs, which we safely delivered to their welcoming new homes.

Waffle, the last dog remaining after delivering the others, has become my constant companion. Although we don’t know her breed, we consider her a perfect dog. We often laugh and tell people her fancy breed is a Tijuana terrier. Her unique appearance often attracts attention, and I do think I even resemble her, making us a scrappy terrier duo.

One amusing anecdote about Waffle is her love for water, which we discovered when she plunged into the pool and joined my dad swimming laps at my parents’ house. In response, my dad built her a diving board for easy access to the pool, and he has since transformed the pool into Waffle’s personal play area.

Waffle is an amazing dog. Every time I adopt another rescue dog, I question whether I can ever find a dog as wonderful or lovable as the one before. Yet, each new dog keeps surprising me because they are just wonderful, and I can’t help but love them and think; I have the best dog ever.

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